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Conference Schedule

8:30 am -9:00 am


9:00 am – 9:50 am


(Pick only one)

How Do I Begin My Family History?


Dawn Larson

Documenting Sources: Why and How?


Sherrie DeWitt

Conducting a 1 hr. Personal Interview


Helen Afana

newFamilySearch: For Beginners



Brett Smith

Resources Found at Genealogical Society (EWGS)


Miriam Midkiff (EWGS)

Using New Technology For Family History


Brenda Lybbert

10:00 am – 10:50 am


(Pick only one)

NewFamilySearch: Imtermediate Uses


Norene Green

Googling for Genealogy


Donna Potter Phillips

Restoring Your Family Photos (Photoshop)



Antonia Hughes

newFamilySearch: For Beginners



Brett Smith

Putting Flesh on the Bones: Learning Your Ancestor's Story


Shirley Penna-Oaks (EWGS)

Using Technology For Family History



Brenda Lybbert

11:00 pm – 11:50 pm


(Pick only one)

newFamilySearch: Intermediate Uses


Norene Green

Googling for Genealogy


Donna Potter Phillips

Restoring Your Family Photos (Photoshop)


Antonia Hughes

Using Social Media and Blogs for Family History


Miriam Midkiff (EWGS)

Having Fun in Cemeteries



Neil Thorsen


FamilySearch Indexing & Collections


Pat Hunt

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

 General Assembly


Questions and Answers - Light Refreshments

Class Descriptions
Class Description
   How do I begin my Family History?

A basic, beginner’s class to get you started in this work. You will receive ideas on record keeping, the proper way to save the information that you collect, etc.

   New FamilySearch – How to begin

This class will help you learn how to sign up for and begin to use the new FamilySearch website. This site will be opened to public in the near future. Learn how to navigate and use this new site.

   New FamilySearch – Intermediate use

This is a continuing class that will help you to begin learning how to use the more advanced features of new FamilySearch. Learn about merging, changing mistakes, etc.

   Documenting Your Sources – Why and how

Learn the importance of proper source documentation and record keeping in doing genealogy and family history work. Proper documentation will save time and prevent duplication of efforts.

   Conducting a 1 Hr. Personal Interview

Learn how to interview family members in a way that will help them to feel comfortable. Sample questions will be gone over.

   FamilySearch Indexing & the Record Collection

Learn about the FamilySearch indexing project that is helping to put thousands of records on-line for free. Learn how you can help and check out the site where the records can be seen.

   New Technology and How to Use it for Family    History

There is lots of new technology right now; learn how it can help you in your genealogical pursuits.

   Using Google for Genealogy

Learn about the best ways to utilize Google in genealogical research. Use the many tools that are found on the Google site.

   Restoring Photos with Photoshop

This class will help you to repair and restore those old photos that you've collected.

   Putting Flesh on the Bones – Learning Your    Ancestor’s Story

This class will teach you how to find “the rest of the story” about your ancestors. Learn which records can help you and let you get to know your family better.

   Using Social Media in Genealogy

Learn how the newest social media can help you in your genealogy. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are new tools to help in your research.

   Having Fun in Cemeteries

Find out what you can find in the cemetery, and how it can help you to learn more about your family members.

   What Resources are Found at EWGS?

This class will help you to know what you can find at Eastern Washington Genealogical Society. Learn about the records that they have and how to access them.

   Why Do Mormons do Family History?

Find out why family history and genealogy are so important to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.